Program Symposium and Grundkurs

Under the motto „Machine Vision and MR: Solving the Problems Together" there has been created and interesting and exciting scientific programme. Learn here, how the combination of radiological knowledge, technological advancements and machine vision will shape the future of radiology.

In addition there will be offered a Grundkurs Magnetresonanztomographie (in German only) as well a different thematic Meet the Expert Sessions (in German only).

Here you can access directly the programme of the different days.

17.01.2019 | 18.01.2019 | 19.01.2019

Thursday, 17.01.2019

08:15 - 08:30H: Welcome
Chairs: H. Hricak (USA-New York, NY), J. Ricke (D-Munich)
Live-Transmission: C. Cyran (D-Munich)

H. Hricak (USA-New York, NY),
J. Ricke (D-Munich)

08:30 - 10:15h: MRI Innovations
Chairs: H. Hricak (USA-New York, NY), J. Ricke (D-Munich)
Live-Transmission: C. Cyran (D-Munich)
08:30The 5 Minute MRI exam - dream or future?D. Sodickson (USA-New York, NY)
09:00MRI in metabolic imagingH. Hricak (USA-New York, NY)
09:30Radiology of the Future - men or machine?G. Langs (A-Vienna)
10:15Coffee break 

10:45 - 12:30h: Vascular MRI

Chairs: T. Bley (D-Würzburg), N. Tsilimparis (D-Munich)
Live-Transmission: M. Seidensticker (D-Munich)
10:45intracranial aneurysms - diagnosis and follow-upF. Dorn (D-Munich)
11:15MRA of the thoracic & abmonial aortaB. Wintersperger (CAN-Toronto, ON)
11:35Diabetic vasculopathyK. F. Kreitner (D-Mainz)
11:55Therapy planning in the future - 3D printing of vascular modelsN. Thierfelder (D-Munich)
12:30Lunch break 
12:50Industry SymposiaRichard-Strauss-Saal, Olympiasaa
14:15 - 15:15H: film-reading and Special focus sessions: neuro & ent
Chairs: W. Kunz (D-Munich), H. Brückmann (D-Munich)
Live-Transmission: S. Wirth (D-Munich)
14:15NeurodegenerationC. Hess (USA-San Francisco, CA)
14:35Filmreading: NeuroK. Seelos (D-Munich)
14:55Filmreading: ENTS. Stöcklein (D-Munich)
15:15Coffee break 

15:45 - 17:30h: Women´s Imaging

Chairs: R. Schulz-Wendtland (D-Erlangen), F. Trillsch (D-Munich)
Live-Transmission: A. Pomschar (D-Munich)
15:45MRI of the uterus: where to look at?R. Kubik-Huch (CH-Baden)
16:05Ovarian tumors: what is new?R. Forstner (A-Salzburg)
16:25MR HIFU: patient selectionF. Strobl (D-Munich)
16:35MR MammographyE. M. Fallenberg (D-Munich)
16:55MR Interventions of the breastD. Rjosk-Dendorfer (D-Munich)
17:30Coffee break 
15:45 - 17:45

Interactive MTRA Session

Die gut durchgeführte MRT Untersuchung - Herausforderungen in der täglichen Routine

B. Albert (D-Munich)
M. Picciolo (D-Munich)
D. Steffinger (D-Munich)

18:00 - 18:45H: Gadolinium deposition in the brain

Chair: B. Tombach (D-Osnabrück)
Live-Transmission: F. Strobl (D-Munich)
18:00 Gadolinium deposition in the brainH. Pietsch (D-Berlin)
18:50Industry SymposiaOlympiasaal

Friday, 18.01.2019

08:00 - 10:20h: Musculoskeletal Imaging

Chairs: G. Antoch (D-Düsseldorf), W. Böcker (D-Munich)
Live-Transmission: A. Baur-Melnyk (D-Munich)
08:00MRI of the wrist: Anatomy, Function and DysfunctionD. Resnick (USA-San Diego, CA)
08:20ankle instabilityW. E. Palmer (USA-Boston, MA)
08:50bone marrow edema, subchondral fracture and osteonecrosisF. Römer (D-Erlangen)
09:10muscle edema incl sport injuriesM. Mack (D-Munich)
09:30injuries of the ligaments and tendonsM. Zanetti (CH-Zurich)
09:50MRI of the shoulder: Superior Labrum - normal variation vs SLAP lesionD. Resnick (USA-San Diego, CA)
10:20Coffee break 

10:50 - 12:35H: Abdomen & Pelvis

Chairs: C. Stroszczynski (D-Regensburg), J. Werner (D-Munich)
Live-Transmission: C. Schmid-Tannwald (D-Munich)
10:50Quantitative Liver MRIS. B. Reeder (USA-Madison, WI)
11:10strcutured reporting in liver imagingH. Kramer (D-Munich)
11:25MRI of the kidneysM. Uder (D-Erlangen)
11:40MRI of the pancreasF. Streitparth (D-Munich)
11:55MRI of the prostateL. Schimmöller (D-Düsseldorf)
12:10MR interventions in the prostateF. Fischbach (D-Magdeburg)
12:35Lunch break 
12:45Industry SymposiaOlympiasaal
14:20 - 15:20H: film-reading and Special focus sessions: MSK & Abdomen
Chairs: C. Herold (A-Vienna), M. Uder (D-Erlangen)
Live-Transmission: F. Streitparth (D-Munich)
14:20Knee: MRI - arthroscopy correlationW. E. Palmer (USA-Boston, MA)
14:40Filmreading: MSKA. Heuck (D-Munich)
15:00Filmreading: AbdomenT. Helmberger (D-Munich)
15:20Coffee break 

15:50 - 17:50H: Cardiac Imaging

Chairs: M. Beer (D-Ulm), K. Nikolaou (D-Tübingen)
Live-Transmission: A. Curta (D-Munich)
15:50MRI in cardiac imaging - indications and challengesT. M. Grist (USA-Madison, WI)
16:20MRI in myocarditisD. Maintz (D-Köln)
16:40MRI in CAD and ischemiaU. Kramer (D-Winnenden)
17:00MRI in cardiomyopathiesK. Fischbach (D-Magdeburg)
17:20Cardiac T1/ T2 mappingF. v. Knobelsdorff (D-Hausham)
18:15Industry SymposiaOlympiasaal

Saturday, 19.01.2019

08:30 - 10:30H: Neuroimaging

Chair: M.-A. Weber (D-Rostock), S. Stöcklein (D-Munich),
Live-Transmission: W. Flatz (D-Munich)
08:30Leukodystrophies - how to differentiateB. Ertl-Wagner (CAN-Toronto,ON)
08:50inflammatory disease in the CNSJ. Linn (D-Dresden)
09:10MR imaging in dementiaC. Hess (USA-San Francisco, CA)
09:40New concepts in tumor imagingE. Hattingen (D-Frankfurt am Main)
10:00Where is the added value of 7T MRI in clinical Neuro-Imaging?S. Trattnig (A-Vienna)
10:30Coffee break 
11:00 - 12:50H: ENT
Chairs: O. Jansen (D-Kiel), W. Heindel (D-Münster)
Live-Transmission: E. Coppenrath (D-Munich)
11:00MRI of the orbitU. Müller-Lisse (D-Munich)
11:20MRI of the temporal boneS. Stöcklein (D-Munich)
11:40MRI of the naso- and oropharynxW. Flatz (D-Munich)
12:00MRI of the hypopharynx and larynxG. Krombach (D-Gießen)
12:20MRI of salvatory glandsC. Czerny (A-Vienna)
12:40Discussion und Closing 

Lectures and discussions will be held in English and German.

There will not be any simultaneous translation.