FSA - Transparency Codex

We herewith inform about the below listed industrial partners and their overall support according to their membership in the FSA or by individual consent:

Bayer Vital GmbH30.250,00 €virtual booth
satellite symposium
promotional activities
bender gruppe1.850,00 €virtual booth
Canon Medical Systems GmbH2.750,00 €virtual booth
promotional activities
GE Healthcare GmbH5.200,00 €virtual booth
promotional activities
PHILIPS GmbH Market DACH2.400,00 €virtual booth
Service- und Vertriebs GmbH

5.800,00 €

virtual booth
Siemens Healthcare GmbH23.950,00 €virtual booth
satellite symposium
promotional activities
VISUS Health IT GmbH1.800,00 €virtual booth

 as of 18.12.2020